Hulda Klara Zadeck & Hans Blumenthal - English

Hulda Klara Zadeck

Hulda Klara Zadeck was born in Schönlanke and never was married. She worked as an accountant in her father’s paper goods wholesale business in Magdeburg. After her brothers death Artur in January 1938, she was left alone. She moved to various apartments, including the „Jewhouse“ in Große Schulstraße 2b. On December 2, 1942 she was deported to concentration camp Sachsenhausen and died there on February 4, 1943.  

Hans Blumenthal

Hans Blumenthal, born on November 28, 1901 in Egeln, came from a Jewish merchant family and managed his parents business until 1933. In 1933 he disappeared from Egeln and went to Magdeburg, where he worked as a roofer. He lived with the family Bruck in Breiter Weg 224. Due to the antisemitic action „Arbeitsscheu Reich“, he was arrested on June 14, 1938 and taken to the Buchenwald concentration camp. His ordeal took him from Buchenwald to Dachau and then to Sachsenhausen. Hans Blumenthal died on March 25, 1942 in the Sachsen concentration camp as a result of pulmonary tubercolosis and extreme forced labor.